Catie Minx Riding Dick

Catie Minx Riding Dick in this video below. Well, kind of but not really.  Catie Minx Rides dick but its a fake dick.  Can you really be mad at me for false advertising after you see the video below?  I don’t think so.  The reason being is its probably THE HOTTEST Catie Minx Video I have ever posted on this website.

The Catie Minx Riding Dick video starts out with Catie Minx on her bed in a little schoolgirl outfit.  You will notice 3 things right off the bat.  1st, Catie Minx has her hair down but iwth curls which we do not see a lot of.  I think it looks fantastic!  2nd you will notice the big dildo stuck on the mirror in front of her. 3rd you automatically know that Catie Minx is very horny by the shit that is coming out of her mouth!

Catie Minx starts sucking this dick and it looks huge in her mouth.  This is either a testament to the fact that she is very tiny or she just loves stretching her mouth and pussy with big dick.

Once Catie Minx is done lubing that dick up with her mouth by giving it a blowjob, she then straddles it and starts to ride it.  We then get to see her ride the cock a number of different ways, all of them look good in my book

See Catie Minx Riding Dick FULL UNCUT video here

See Catie Minx Riding Dick FULL UNCUT video here


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