Catie Minx Hitachi Wand

Catie Minx Hitachi Wand.  Just when I thought Catie Minx couldn’t get any fucking hotter in her videos.  This Catie Minx Hitachi Wand video is fucking fantastic my friends!  This video starts out with Catie Minx holding the webcam and looking beautiful as usual.  She is topless and every once in awhile you can see one of her perfect little teen nipples get into the shot.

The Catie Minx Hitachi Wand video then flashes to Catie Minx bent over on the bed.  She is wearing a blue pair of panties that is going up her pussy and showing off her puffy pussy lips. These tiny underwear really don’t cover anything.Catie Minx then takes a finger and stuffs the panties inside of her pussy.  Next is shows Catie Minx laying on her back and pushing aside her panties.  We get to see her spread that cute pink pussy of hers for the camera.  As this is happening you see the Hitachi wand laying next to her on the bed and that fucker is plugged in and ready to go.

Catie Minx then masturbates using the Hitachi Wand through her panties.  We watch Catie have a great orgasm on video

To watch the full 25 Minute Catie Minx Hitachi Wand Video go here!

To watch the full 25 Minute Catie Minx Hitachi Wand Video go here!


Catie Minx Drunk

Catie Minx Drunk, Say it ain’t so…  It’s so :-)  She is at least buzzed anyways.  When Catie Minx drinks, she gets down, dirty and becomes a really nasty little slut!

So, how doesnt like a girl who is slightly drunk and wants to fuck really bad.  We have all been there and to be honest, I remember it being some of the best sex in my life.  Catie Minx looks like no exception.  The video starts out with Catie Minx drinking a Corona and wearing a shirt with now bra and some boy shorts.  We get to watch that tight teen ass walk from the hallway to the bedroom where she lays down, takes another sip of beer and then starts rubbing that little pussy of hers.  She then slaps it a few times, this is how you can tell she is really fucking horny.

As drunk Catie Minx drinks more beer, she rubs her pussy. She also sucks off and gives the corona bottle a blow job while she masturbates.  At one point she slaps her own face.  Well, well Catie Minx, apparently you like it rough :-)  Catie Minx then drains the bottle of beer and starts fucking herself with it.  This is a great Catie Minx Video for sure.

See the Full Catie Minx Drunk Video HERE

See the Full Catie Minx Drunk Video HERE


Catie Minx Orgasm Video

The Catie Minx Orgasm Video is pretty fucking good in my opinion.  While I firmly beleive we will never see a Catie Minx video as good as my last update. This Catie Minx Orgasm Video is a good way to try.  If you are into the whole Cosplay or Pokemon thing, this video is great because Catie Minx is dressed up as pikachu.

Normally Catie Minx is very open and not camera shy.  In the beginning of this video, Catie Minx appears to be acting shy. Maybe it is her getting into the whole asian cosplay thing I am not sure.  The good news is, her shyness is only temporary.  Catie Minx shows off her Pikachu outfit for the camera which includes a hat, sexy yellow bra, yellow thong and bee stripped thigh high socks.

Catie Minx shows off her ass and in the thong and then pulls out those tiny cute teen tits of hers.  Next the video cuts to Catie Minx masturbating with a tiny vibrator and working it on her clit.  Catie Minx starts to get very loud and you can tell she is close to orgasm.  Just as Catie Minx does orgasm, the video cuts to black and we can only here her cumming.  So sad….

To watch the full Catie Minx Orgasm Video GO HERE

To watch the full Catie Minx Orgasm Video GO HERE

Catie Minx Fucks Large Cock

Catie Minx fucks a large cock in this video.  Well a large rubber cock anyways but it is big and this is fun to watch.  You can also tell Catie Minx loves large cock and dick by the way she screams and fucks it in this video.

This video starts out with Catie Minx in a blue bra and blue matching panties which are cute as fuck on her by the way.  It shows her adjusting first her top and then showing her ass to the camera and adjusting the bottoms.  She then bounces her ass for the camera.  Man I would love to stick my face in there and lick it.

Catie Minx then talks to the webcam and asks which I find out is a new bikini and not panties.  Oh well, who gives a shit.  She shakes her butt more and spanks it for us.  This is the ultimate in teasing.   She then sits on her chair and Catie Minx begins to masturbate underneath her bikini bottoms.  Catie Minx then slips them aside and and shows us that tight teen pussy of hers .  All of a sudden the bottoms are off and we have an unrestricted view of the ass and pussy on Catie Minx.  Then out comes the large rubber dick.  Catie Minx gives what looks to be a great handjob and then she inserts it into her pussy. This looks tight like its not gonna fit.  Catie Minx starts fucking herself while rubbing her clit and you can hear it going in and out of her pussy.

Catie Minx then has an orgasm and it cuts to her sucking and deep throating this large toy.  I fucking love this video and would love to see Catie Minx fuck more rubber dicks and toys in the future.  Enjoy!

See the Whole Catie Minx Fucks Large Cock Video HERE

See the Whole Catie Minx Fucks Large Cock Video HERE

Catie Minx Hitachi Wand Video

Catie Minx is dressed up like a little schoolgirl and fucking herself with a hitachi wand in this video.  Catie Minx cums super hard in this video.  Must be the wand ;-)

I love teen Schoolgirls and I love them more when that schoolgirl is Catie Minx and she is wearing a pair of bleach white panties underneath that plaid short skirt.  This video shows Catie Minx from behind, hiking up that skirt and pulling up her thong and spreading her ass cheeks apart.  While she is teasing our cock with this little dance of hers, she starts slapping and spanking her ass as well.

Catie Minx is wearing thigh high stockings along with the plaid miniskirt. After this is done, it cuts to Catie Minx sitting on a white love seat and holding a hitachi magic wand on her pussy.Her legs are spread and you can tell Catie Minx is really getting into it as she vibrates the hitachi against her pussy through the panties.  The camera finally zooms in all the way and Catie Minx shows us her sexy feet through the white stockings.  She even wiggles her toes for us.  Foot fetish guys, you will love this Catie Minx Video.

Catie Minx is looking at us down her nose through sexy librarian glasses while she works the hitachi on her pussy.  Eventually as Catie Minx masturbates she is sick of rubbing her pussy through the panties.  She finally slips her thong aside to expose that tight wet teen cunt of hers and starts fingering herself as she vibrates the Hitachi wand on her clit.

The video gets a pretty good close up of Catie Minx and her pussy as she works herself over.  Now, as Catie Minx keeps masturbating she starts to say she is gonna cum.  Catie Minx starts to shake with an orgasm and then the video cuts away.  WHAT THE FUCK!  Bad editing dude!



New Catie Minx Video

New Catie Minx Video – I almost went to bed early tonight because I have a headache and feel like shit.  Then I remembered that in last nights post I teased about a new Catie Minx Video I had.  Well being the nice guy I am I had to post this New Catie Minx Video before I go crash.  That being said, I am going to keep my rambling to a minimum here.

Well that shows how shitty i feel I posted this and never actually put a video up.  Sorry about that especially if you had your cock in your hand all ready to go.

I posted this picture set earlier in the week.  Catie Minx is all nerded up on the couch looking sexy as fuck and reading comic books.  Catie Minx is wearing a cute tight blue t-shirt and sexy red panties.  She starts out by lifting up her shirt and showing her tits.  Catie Minx then starts rubbing her pussy through those red panties.  Catie Minx then sticks both fingers in her pussy and spreads it wide for the camera.  I fucking love when girls gape themselves, especially when its a tight young teen pussy like that.

Catie Minx starts fingering herself with 4 fingers in her pussy. Catie Minx has a great orgasm in this video.

Enjoy!  Sorry about the snafu



Ok so, some girlfriend video for you guys

Ok, so fellas, i figured I would throw some more variety in and add some girlfriend video.  No my girlfriend mind you (I wish) but none the less, a hot young teen girl.  This girl is on the upper end of age that I like girls but she is drop dead fucking gorgeous.  Her pussy is perfect and so are her tits and ass.  She has a vibrator shoved up her pussy and then sucks it off.  This is truly some great girlfriend video.

Soft skin, tight pussy, perfect ass, firm tits, what could be better than fucking the shit outta this hot piece of ass!



The video above is actually from a site that is dedicated to finding dudes girlfriends online. I like the girlfriend sites because they are young and fresh.  Not some old used up porn star whore. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy.  I am trying to update this site as much as possible.  I am also starting to throw a little more variety so you guys can view some more hot pieces of ass.  If you have a suggestion or want me to find something specific – thedude abides!

Enjoy and stay hard!  Fuck yeah bitches!


Catie Minx Lesbian Video?

Ok, so maybe not a Catie Minx Lesbian Video, however, I decided to mix it up a little.  While nobody loves Catie Minx more than me (this is true) I thought I would throw some really young teenage lesbians on the site just for a change of pace.  I know, the site is called Free Catie Minx – BUT – I know you guys cumming to my site like them young, innocent and very sexy.  So trust me when I say this.  We do share the same taste in girls, fuck thats why I started this site.  The Young Teenage Lesbians below are hot as fuck and I promise you will not be disappointed and the 2 different sets of lesbians in the video below are both very jerk worth.

The video starts with a brunette and some other bitch.  The brunette has awesome puffy nipples.  I am a huge puffy nipple guy because I dated a girl in high school who had them and it always brings back good mammories :-)

So anyways, Maybe once or twice a week Im going to be bringing you guys some other girls similar to Catie Minx.  I know none of them are gonna be as hot but its always nice to have variety.

Catie Minx Behind the Scenes with Cum in her mouth :-)

Ok guys, long time no update.  I thought it would be nice to feature Catie Minx in some candid video.  In all the stuff I have shown on this site it has been Catie Minx getting down and dirty and prepared for a porn shoot.  This behind the scenes Catie Minx video shows her as well, a person.  Catie Minx is brushing her teeth with some low cut daisy dukes almost exposing her pussy because of the top button undone..  I know it the title it said Catie Minx with cum in her mouth.  Maybe its not but that toothpaste drooling out of her mouth was my first thought.  Don’t lie, you are thinking it to :-)

Since my last Catie Minx Video post was an utter and epic fail.  I decided to upload some Catie Minx behind the scenes video to youtube and post it.  Since it is youtube, It is softcore (i dont want my account banned)

Enjoy this candid Catie Minx video!